LifeTree World Compensation plan

So you’ve read my previous blog post on LTW and decided you will still go ahead and ‘invest’ in this ‘opportunity’. How much will it cost and how much will you get back?

I have looked at what information there is online for the payment plan and it is proving difficult. Already, over the last few months there have been big changes in how it works. Whole parts have disappeared.

When you make it to the position of ‘president’ you now only get a house worth £500,000.  A few months ago it was £1 million. And the automatic tree seems to have gone. The LTW official page currently has no details on the compensation plan at all. I wonder what it will be updated to?

But that’s ok, because people are told in their contract that the plan can be changed at any time.Screenshot 2016-05-03 13.33.18

I am assuming the current plan is as explained by current LTW members and is displayed on their web pages.

First, you have to join the company and pay £35.

Then you have to start purchasing products. In true MLM style, this is described in PV points. You need 100 points. The cheapest way to do this is to buy a ‘hamper’ for £165. If you chose to buy items individually, it costs over £200. So people buy stuff. This is the sort of haul they end up with.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 14.00.53

No fresh food, no frozen food, no fridge items. No bread, eggs, meat, milk, cheese. Not enough there to make many meals at all. This stuff wouldn’t make much of a dent in your shopping list but would significantly add to the bill. Never mind though, it’s not real shopping is it? It’s an investment.

So now we’ve spent £35 on joining and £165 on a hamper and got cupboards groaning with Yazoo and Weetabix and some things you’ve never heard of. You don’t get anything back at this point though. You need to be active for three months. So you buy two more of these hampers over the next two months.

You have now spent £35 and £165 and £165 and £165. You may be leaking Yazoo out of every orifice at this point. The total is £530. You still don’t get anything back though because you don’t have a team. This is MLM. You need a team.

To get a team leading bonus you need to have recruited three people and those people need to have recruited a person each as well. Let’s assume you have managed to recruit these people and they have too. All those 6 people need to earn 100 points in the month that you pay for your third hamper. If one of them drops out or they don’t buy enough, you get nothing.

These 6 people all pay their £35 and each buy a hamper for £165. Between you and these 6 people, £1730 has been spent. From all this, £200 will be given to you. These 6 people won’t get anything until they have been in it for three months and persuaded their downline to buy stuff they don’t need.

If you keep doing this though, you will earn money eventually, right?

Month 3- total spends £530 and £200 back. You are -£330 now.

Month 4-  spends £695 and £400 back. Balance  -£295

Month 5- spends £860 and £600 back. Balance  -£260

Month 6- spends £1025 and £800 back. Balance  -£225

Month 7- spends £1190 and £1000 back. Balance -£190

Month 12- spends £2015 and £2000 back. Balance -£15

Month 13- spends £2180 and £2200 back. Balance £20.

It takes 13 months to make £20. And you have 13 tables of this-

Screenshot 2016-05-03 14.00.53

And that is only if no one dropped out or forgot to make a payment that month. Just to make sure that doesn’t happen, you had better recruit a whole lot of people to keep it all going.

Yazoo anyone?