Site Rules

Here at BotWatch we are a tolerant bunch and wish to promote free speech and debate. People will not be blocked or prevented from making their opinions known. However, due to some unpleasant individuals we have had to compile these rules to keep it civil.

Swearing is allowed, unless it is directed at individuals. For example- “The shakes tasted shit” would be allowed. “You are a pile of shit” would not be allowed.

No personal attacks are allowed. We understand that discussions can become heated and tempers can flare. Keep the discussion to the issue at hand and do not make it personal.

We do not want to upset individuals involved in MLMs. It is the system and the corporate part of the MLM that we are against. The individuals often do not know what they are involved in and are usually victims themselves. For this reason, individuals should have their identity protected by covering up their names or faces.

There are exceptions to the above rule. If someone is very well known in MLM and they are using their personality and ‘fame’ to do something dodgy, this may need to be highlighted. This will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Anyone who provides information will have their identity protected.

People should be free to join in discussions here without having anyone contact them privately to try and recruit them. Anyone doing this will be banned immediately.

These rules apply across BotWatch Facebook and MLMBotwatch at Twitter.