Sue’s Dalliance with The Body Shop at Home

The Anti-MLM Coalition

Sue Denim (not her real name) joined The Body Shop At Home about six years ago in Australia, and had a less than enjoyable experience.  She has kindly offered to share her story so that people considering joining can see what can happen.  I am not saying this will happen to everyone who joins or that all ‘consultants’ are going through this. This is her story and she wants you to understand what happened to her. I have written my words in red, and hers in black, to make for clearer reading.

I was fresh on 19, and looking for work. I’d never heard of multi-level marketing before — sure, I knew some of the companies by name, but I didn’t know that they were bad or that they prey on the weak. It was November 2012, so all the usual MLMs were putting out advertisements for their Christmas gear…

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