All you need to know about Inteletravel

Update- March 20th 2019 InteleTravel UK have been granted ABTA membership and are now pursuing ATOL membership. This Travel website has more information. Botwatch is glad that any customers of these reps will be properly protected now if their holiday goes wrong.

Update- since writing this article, Inteletravel have gained membership of IATA. I have left the old information in to illustrate what the situation was at the time of writing. This membership will have no bearing on U.K. reps.


We have been contacted by some very concerned people who have been involved in Inteletravel. Let’s call them Ian Cognito and Ivor Fakename. They joined Inteletravel because it looked like a great MLM to join.


That sounds good. Anyone can join, pay their fee and do a few hours of reading at home. They watch a little video, get given a website and call themselves independent travel agents.


Looks good doesn’t it? You don’t often come across an MLM that is risk free.

Let’s have a look at the Trust Guarantee.


I guess that’s quite a lot of small print, but would be necessary to ensure that people really were putting in enough effort. It wouldn’t be fair if people joined up and didn’t try, just to get their money back would it? Except the guarantee isn’t fair because it is impossible for members to achieve these criteria.

Ian tried to complete point 3. He had to register with a preferred partner and sell one of their packages. Except that there is only a little booking platform and you cannot join it without being a member of ABTA. Ian wasn’t even allowed to register with them. Point 7 isn’t possible either because you can’t register with them without having ABTA membership.   Ian says that when he phoned up Inteletravel to complain about this, they didn’t even know what he was talking about.

Here is an official facebook post on Inteletravel’s Facebook page in February explaining that people can’t book, or even contact the ‘preferred partners’ until they have ABTA membership.



They shouldn’t really be promising holidays like this then,

hot deals



ABTA are a travel association that have a code of conduct and protection for people who book holidays through ABTA members. If a person buys a holiday through an ABTA member and then, if when they are on holiday, the company shuts down, there is a process whereby the holiday maker will be brought home or their holiday can continue. Most holiday providers in the UK will only sell their packages through agents that have this membership. This ensures that the holidaying population are protected from being sold holidays by amateurs and scammers.

Inteletravel have been promising ABTA membership is coming soon. They have been promising this since 2015. See this email sent in early 2017. Their website still says they will be getting ABTA approval in 30-45 days.



ATOL are the organisation that offer travellers financial protection for air travel. Recently, people who were customers of Monarch received help when they were abroad during its demise. Inteletravel are not ATOL protected.


Perhaps reps shouldn’t be posting adverts like this then


IATA protected? IATA stands for International Air Transport Association. See here for what membership gets you if you are a travel agent. You don’t have to have it to be a travel agent but it has benefits around offers and payment. It lends credibility to a company to have this membership. I searched their website and found Inteletravel are not members.

Which makes me wonder why Inteletravel have the logo on their slides.


And in this communication to reps


In this group chat where reps are concerned about the IATA status not being true, the company explains it to them.


If IATA are ineffective and not needed, why are Inteletravel acting as though they are members? I would not be concerned about the IATA status affecting sales in the UK, but rather, why is there the deception around whether they are members or not? For a contemporary discussion of the issues, check out this forum for work at home travel agents.

Inteletravel used to be members of IATA but their membership was cancelled by IATA in 2007. I have asked IATA for a comment on why this was and what their status is now.

I am glad to see that members of this scheme are asking questions of Inteletravel and trying to ensure they are not being scammed. So many people were asking Inteletravel about ABTA membership that they issued this warning.


That’s not very nice! Ivor decided he wasn’t going to be fobbed off and became suspicious of this warning. He told Bot Watch that Inteletravel informed their reps that ABTA wrote to them asking them to tell the reps to stop calling them. Ivor rang ABTA to check and was told that no such letter was written. Ivor found out that ABTA are having a committee meeting on April 13th 2018 to decide whether to allow Inteletravel membership. I have asked ABTA to clarify the situation. Watch this space.

However, Inteletravel are now telling people (before the committee meeting) that they have been given an ABTA number, they just don’t want to go public yet. The ABTA website shows that they do not have a number. This message is from one of the ‘directors’ (what they call the people high up in the pyramid) this April.


Reps/ Agents/ Scheme members

What should we call people in this scheme? They call themselves Travel Agents, the MLM world calls them reps or Independent Business Owners. What do Inteletravel call their members? Have a read of this exchange between a disgruntled ex-rep and the company.


Customers. I can’t say I’m surprised. People who join up spend £526 in their first year.

Dishonest advertising

Because reps have a limited source of holidays they can offer and they are desperate to try and sell some to make some commission, many of them are tempted to lie in their adverts. Ivor explains how these reps/customers bend the truth to make their deals look good.





Here is a price comparison for two room bookings, the top one with Inteletravel and the bottom one with Trivgo.


The room options for the Trivago option has been cut off. The Trivago option is for a more expensive room. This is not a fair comparison.


On this comparison, they have chosen a deluxe room for the online booking site. The Inteletravel price is not a fair comparison because this this could be for a basic single room.


This comparison is unfair because the rep has put up the price before the price has even been finalised. A room hasn’t been chosen. This will put the price up. Probably to more than £381.13.

PlanNet Marketing

If £142 and then £32 a month seems pricey for an MLM, don’t worry. You can join a different company that has ‘partnered’ with Inteletravel. PlanNet Marketing. With PlanNet Marketing, you can join for £16 and pay £16 monthly. You do not need to sell any holidays. You can just sell memberships in a ‘society’ made up of people who want to be travel agents. Payments are based solely on the people you recruit. Here is their compensation plan.


Readers at this stage might be interested to read up on what makes a pyramid scheme an illegal scheme in the UK. Here’s a snippet. (Fair Trading Act 1973)


This is a bit wordy but what it means is this- People are not allowed to recruit you and charge a fee with the promise that you can just recruit others and earn money from it. Anyone that does this is running an illegal pyramid scheme.

Have a look at their Income disclosure statement.

plannet income.PNG

97.65% of their reps earn, on average, $69.95 a year. Considering that it costs $239.40 a year to be a member, this doesn’t look like such a great deal. 23.07% of reps earned nothing at all.

What to do now?

If you have read the evidence and decided you still want to join, then go ahead. If you are already a member and you are happy, great. If you are currently a member or you have left and you feel you want to take action, there are things you can do.

If you were deceived into joining the scheme and found you couldn’t make money, complain in the UK to

safer jobs


This is a company set up by the police to investigate scams and job fraud.


action fraud


Action Fraud is a branch of the police that investigates fraud like illegal pyramid schemes.




Trading Standards can be contacted if you think a company has broken the law or acted unfairly.




001If you see a misleading advert you could complain to the Advertising Standards Authority who will investigate and have the ad removed if necessary.


You could tell your story by commenting below, to warn other people that may be looking at this company.

The continuing saga of ABTA membership

On Friday 13th April 2018, there was a meeting at ABTA about whether Inteletravel should be licenced with them. The reps have been told before this date that they have their membership and will be announcing it on Super Saturday on April 14th.

They really believe it and have been telling everyone that they will officially be announcing their membership. There are posts on Facebook like this-

On Thursday 12th April-


On Friday 13th April-

super sat

Does anyone really believe that Inteletravel will get their ABTA number? I have no doubt that all their reps thinks they will. What will happen if/when they don’t get it? How are they going to explain it to everyone? I for one will be keeping a very close eye on things on Saturday and will report back here. Watch this space.

Super Saturday

Here is a Facebook conversation with someone who was at the Super Saturday event on 14th April.

It starts with an optimistic picture.


Followed by an excited conversation. Red is at the event and her fellow reps are waiting to hear about it.


They never got to hear about ABTA granting Inteletravel their certification. Because they didn’t get it. The meeting was held at ABTA yesterday and their application was denied.

What was Inteletravel’s excuse?

They are now saying their membership is ‘pending’ while their new UK manager ‘gets set up’. They are putting their faith in this one person to get them their membership. And they are saying they don’t need ABTA anyway.

They do need ABTA if they want to be travel agents in the UK. Come on Inteletravel agents, stop and think.


27 thoughts on “All you need to know about Inteletravel

  1. When they can’t even spell Trivago correctly in their comparison you know there is a problem. They are not allowed to sell flight inclusive holidays from the UK without ATOL protection. The prices advertised by the ‘agents’ for holidays would be impossible to achieve. I feel sorry for the people being reeled in because they really have been persuaded that there is a possibility of making a living from this organisation and that their hopes and dreams will be realised. I think brainwashing is a fairly accurate description.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Look into the history of Inteletravel and you will get the answers. Dont let any haters fool yourself. They are here to stay regarless you like or no foxes. Get use to it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Never mind not spelling trivago right, did you know Sardinia is now in Greece?? Daddies has moved from Corfu to Crete, benaldama is a new place on the Costa del sol… oh and don’t forget how they can book virgin holidays and cosmos too…. I almost forgot in the next few weeks there’s a possibility they will be able to sell Thomas cook package holidays at a cheaper price than Thomas cook themselves!!!!


  3. I was thinking of joining them but having scrutinised their t&c I can’t find any reference of them being granted a ABTA licence. A quick google brought me to your blog so I’ll hold fire until a ABTA licence has been granted.


    1. That’s a good idea. Never be swayed by promises that it will be happening soon. MLMs are always promising things to entice people to join. Looking at the facts is a good thing to do.


  4. Ugh. A friend of my mom’s randomly become a travel agent overnight while she was pregnant with her second kid. Out of nowhere she started posting crap all over Facebook about the incredible “deals” she could get everyone on their vacation packages by booking through her. She also posted about how you can become a travel agent, too, if you PM her for deets, gurllll!!! She even suggested it to me, but I just ignored it. I did some digging, and found out that her travel “business” was in fact PlanNet marketing. I was a little surprised that she got roped into it because she is well educated – she has her bachelors in marine biology – and she has (or had?) a decent job at a CE company for pharmaceuticals. But then again, looking back on it she also sold those Jamberry nails. I almost ordered some of those off of her once, until I decided that $15 for nail stickers was ridiculous considering the cheaper options in most retail stores. I’m in grad school and broke AF. I have neither the time nor the money for it.


  5. His is very close to libel and slander
    Research the facts and not supposition
    Anyone spoke to James Ferrara on this see what he has to say?


  6. Libel? Slander? How is it so? Everything in the post has come from inteletravels own agents by the looks of it… I’m sure he’ll post a video online somewhere airing his views about it….


  7. The End is Nigh for Inteletravel in the UK – They will find out shortly that they will never get ATOL and most certainly won’t be getting ABTA now. Certain people will be regret giving up their day jobs in the coming weeks!


  8. Endorsed by CLIA? Really? Meaning they pay CLIA to be a member of their organisation? CLIA exists to educate travel agents and for the promotion of the sale of cruise holidays. End of. There is no protection for customers other than a knowledgeable travel agent


  9. I was a rep and tbh you can get cheaper holidays by googling. I told them I could get holidays far cheaper elsewhere for friends and family and their answer was “well friends and family will trust you so it’s just a bit extra, they’ll never check” at that point I was done. You don’t con your friends and family for a bit of dodgy commission. The whole thing was a rip off. They can keep my £200 and I’ll keep my dignity.


  10. I always thought all travel companies that sell holiday packages in UK are REQUIRED to hold ATOL license… If InteleTravel doesn’t have one, then it should not be operating in the UK. This is per 1992 Package Travel Regulations (PTR), as regulated by British CAA.


  11. Excellent blog!!! Thanks for that. I have been constantly encouraged to join by the Facebook Group “Bette Together Opportunity Group” which I joined encouraged by the the DreamTravel Opportunity Group run by one of the reps. As Im looking for the online job I started looking at them closer and became quite suspicious with the awesome prizes they could have saved for their customers. Once I read how they compare I went back to check and my eyes opened. Then I watched their promotional video, check on the web and read your blog and woke up completely.
    If according to the Fair Trade; being paid for recruiting people is illegal, how can they operate in UK?


    1. I’m glad you found this useful. Companies can legally pay people for recruiting, as long as they are also selling a product to real customers. It becomes illegal when the product being sold is purely membership to a group and the only way to make money is by recruiting.

      If anyone joins an MLM and just recruits, never selling anything, they are in a Ponzi scheme or illegal pyramid scheme. This would need reporting to Action Fraud and/or Trading Standards.


  12. I have recently left inteletravel as an agent in the UK and would not recommend to anyone !!!! Constantly lie about getting ABTA and ATOL licences been saying its on its way for over 8 month , never pay you the commission your owed they say between 30 and 60 days after the trip has took place it has been double that and still no commission paid to me . My up line was great before I signed up but after signed up i was left to just get on with it no help what so ever to watch useless videos which were American.
    Complete waste of time and money so be aware !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Now £156 and £46 a month to join.
    Rep posting in a FB group today.

    The 80% commission claim is still being used, when it is really 11% and ONLY paid after the holiday and not when booked and paid for.


  14. I had a run in on Facebook with 2 Inteletravel huns in Jan 2018. They were just starting the UK arm of the pyramid then. Both huns claimed that the company already had ABTA and ATOL membership and that it was NOT an MLM scheme.
    When I checked and explained they didn’t have membership and it is an MLM the hun claimed I was bullying her!


  15. As an update, InteleTravel DO have ABTA now, but whereas they’ve got IATA and ATOL is still a mystery. They DO give 30 money back guarantee, if within 30 days after signing up you decide to cancel.


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