Vida Divina breaks the law

Vida Divina launched  on 23rd September 2017 in the UK.

Here is their website.

Here is a list of their products. (note the products for ‘diabetes and prostrate health’!)

This is one of their products

2017-09-17 (3)

Here is the supplement information

2017-09-17 (2)

Do you see the word ‘melatonin’ there?  Melatonin is found in the body and it helps to regulate sleep. Research has shown it has some slight benefits in helping people temporarily with their sleep problems due to jet lag or irregular shift patterns. It helps only a very small amount and is not recommended for long term use or for standard insomnia.

In America Melatonin is classed as a supplement, and as such, sellers are allowed to make claims about it. In the UK, however, it is a drug. The listing for it is in the British National Formulary.

This means that Melatonin cannot be sold as a supplement in the UK. It has to be prescribed by an authorised prescriber and come from a pharmacy. Vida Divina cannot sell it in their Sleep-N-Lose capsules. This would be breaking the law.

Which makes me wonder why it is for sale on Ebay in the UK.

2017-09-18 (2)

Ebay have been alerted to this breach of the law and they say that they will respond to each report of this item being sold as they get to it.

Come on EBay, it isn’t the public’s responsibility to report these incidences to you. You need to stop allowing these sales! And stop them now!

Vida Divina, you need to stop sending this product to the UK. You are being very irresponsible and need to ban this product immediately.

I will ask for Ebay and Vida Davina’s comments on this issue and report back their answers here. Don’t hold your breath for a swift resolution though.


Trading Standards

Someone has contacted Trading Standards about Vida Divina and their reply was very interesting.

2017-09-20 (15)

So to sell Vida Divina products in the UK, sellers need to –

+Register with local environmental health authority as a food business operator.

+Get special labels made up for putting on the products that comply with the law.

+Ensure that there is no mention of any health benefits to the products unless they are on the correct register.

+Ensure there are no new novel foods in the range.

Please note the bit that says ‘you could be prosecuted’.

I contacted the MHRA for clarification on melatonin sales in the U.K. This is what they said



A bit more information to help you decide if you want anything to do with this company.

A bit on the background of the CEO, from Behind MLM. There are details on how he claimed the products in his last MLM cured him of his terminal cancer. And the problems previous MLM companies had that h was involved in.

This extract is from the above link.

2017-09-20 (19)

This video has come to light from Facebook. The man is working for Vida and is in America now at their conference. Look what he is advising his followers.


Is this how a company imports their products? He is advising they all stuff their suitcases with coffee and ‘blag customs’. How are 70 people going to explain suitcases full of improperly labelled coffee being brought into the UK to be sold illegally as weight loss products?


Other products they sell

Vida Divina sell tea as well. “Is that ordinary tea” I hear you ask, “or is it special tea?”

Have a look at this advert that has been brought to my attention

2017-09-26 (2)

There’s so much wrong with that advert, it’s difficult to know where to start! Needless to say, there is no such thing as ‘detoxing’ your body, tea won’t cure IBS, 95% of viruses aren’t from the bowel and this tea will not ‘have your insides back to healthy in no time’. It is certainly breaking advertising rules.

I have been shown this email where Vida Divina seem to be saying that the tea is not for resale in the UK, which would make the above advert even more dodgy.

2017-09-26 (3)

I have emailed Vida Divina today (26th Sep 2017) for a statement on whether their products are for resale in the UK and what their plans are for the products. I will keep you updated.

Let’s hope the reps aren’t buying too much of the stuff because then they’ll either have to sell it illegally, drink it all themselves or have it building up in their house.



Do you know what the authorities call this type of business? The type where there are no customers and you can only earn money through recruiting?





24 thoughts on “Vida Divina breaks the law

  1. The sleep n lose isn’t for sale in the UK. Also the company states that it’s not to be sold on eBay either. So your argument is nonsense!


  2. Sleep n loose is no longer available to buy in the UK. America and UK have different laws on what products can be used. So these will be back once they have changed the ingredients to those approved by the UK.
    It’s really sad when other company’s try to attack other company’s to make theirs look better.
    These issues are being resolved.
    Why not support other company’s rather than trying to crush them ???
    Obviously it’s not the distributors decision what ingredients go in to these products and have no control over which company accepts which ingredients.


    1. If someone is selling these products, they need to know they are not breaking the law, as it is ultimately their responsibility. I am warning the reps who may not know about the law. Helping people to not break the law is a good thing.

      What do you mean- companies shouldn’t attack other companies? I am not an MLM. I do not work for one. I am not your rival company. I just raise issues and awareness of things that go on in this industry. If bad stuff goes on, I will highlight it.


    2. Yet when distributors WERE made aware of the Sleep and Lose tablets containing a banned ingredient, they claimed they were “insured” to sell in the UK. Some just flat out did not care.

      If Holland & Barrett are not allowed sell products containing Melatonin, then I’m pretty sure the average person wouldn’t be “insured” by an American company to sell it.


  3. That video was only half ass put up. How can any of you justify any of this unless you’re INSIDE the company. They’ve been doing nothing but GETTING properly set up and legal to promote it all to everyone. Get your facts straight!!


    1. The company sent illegal stuff to reps. The reps know it is illegal. They are still promoting and selling it. “Getting properly set up and legal” is the same as “not set up properly and illegal.”


  4. Just found this and it’s hilarious, talk about typos ahoy on that fake email, also you’re wrong about the laws regarding melatonin, and the guy you are claiming to be Armand Puyolt in that video looks nothing like Armand. This is very poorly written and researched. I can’t take you seriously after clarifying these things for myself and finding you actually had no idea what you were talking about. I feel embarrassed for you


  5. This is such a misleading post. First of all Vida Divina has an agreement that ALL affiliates have to check before joining and their is a training in which they let their affiliates know what bad practices are. The company can’t control what all their affiliates do, if someone reports the affiliate, then the company will take action. Right now Vida Divina is in the top 100 MLM Companies, they are a Triple A Company, and now on the top 100 direct selling companies out there. The products are awesome and this post has nothing to do with Vida Divina, just the bad practices of reps. But the reps were warned.


    1. This is the get out clause that all MLMs use. Whenever rules are broken, the company blames the individuals and the company gets no blame. The trouble comes when a lot of reps break the rules and the company profits. The company wins every time.

      I think the company should take some of the blame for the actions of the reps. Maybe this way, compliance would be more of a serious issue to them.


  6. Do an update because this Company has strict rules about making medical claims, health claims, money claims, and they post rules about it on their official page which you apparently forgot to post. They are very clear about the consequences of taking such actions as a representative. Before bashing do a FULL research. The Company is booming despite this crappy misleading article. PS. Not an affiliate just dont particularly love haters.


  7. first off you all have no idea what your talking about. Vida doesn’t sale on Facebook and if they do sale in your country they did it legal to make a false claim of statement to damage a companies repetition by false information given to the one making these claims is liable and can be sued in court. So if you never tried these products or know anything about these products shut the hell up!


    1. Thanks for your comment. People in MLMs sign up and then try to promote the products while trying to build a team. They often get caught out telling lies about products. This is either due to ignorance ( they are just repeating lies they were told), or lies to try and make their products sound good so they can sell and recruit.

      No doubt a lot of these claims are illegal. Sometimes people know these are illegal, sometimes they don’t know.

      People who join MLMs do not understand what they have signed up for and do not understand the laws surrounding advertising claims. They are led blindly into it by their up lines that they trust.

      There is no conspiracy where people are setting up fake accounts to make the MLMs look bad. If you have any evidence that this is happening, I would be happy to look at it openly and honestly. I have nothing to hide and only tell the truth as I find it.

      Your aggression and quick defence of the company leads me to ask a few questions of you. Why do you think there is a conspiracy against this company? Look deep and look honestly to work out where this thought came from. If you are unable to work out or unable to look into your thoughts, you need to seriously consider why you have lost the power of independent thought. If you find that you make yourself stop looking for honest answers, please look up ‘thought stopping behaviour’. If you are thinking that your ideas and thoughts cane from something you were told, please look at who told you that and why they told you that. Look at whether you j dependently believe what you have been told.

      The questions I ask of you above are very difficult to answer and you may not be able to face them. Whatever you do, don’t dismiss me quickly, look into your heart and look objectively for facts.

      I wish you luck and I sincerely hope you are able to find some objective answers. I am happy to discuss things with you further.


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