Isagenix- cutting through the crap

Isagenix are coming to the UK soon. Cue lots of excitement from people joining the ‘opportunity’ and claiming you can earn money with this company.

There are a few problems though.


Maybe you are thinking of joining it yourself or maybe you have friends talking about it. Don’t take everything you hear at face value.

Let’s look at some cold, hard facts supplied by Isagenix themselves. Then make up your mind about whether you think it is a good opportunity or not.

Some Multi Level Marketing companies publish statistics on how much their people earn. Isagenix published stats for 2014 on

You can see it here.


94.8% of people earned less than US $500 which , according to Isogenix, means they weren’t serious about their business so they must have just been involved because they love the products so much.

Maybe that is possible. Let’s assume that the more serious people worked hard and earned more than $500. These people apparently ‘devoted considerable time and effort into introducing others to Isogenix products and helping them do the same’.

The last chart at the bottom shows the yearly pay of the 5.2% of people in the company who earned money. Of these,  85% earned $2101 on average or less. That’s not much.

BUT, I hear you say. Some people have earned loads, look at the chart! Yes, some of those numbers do look nice. Some people even earned above the American poverty line.

In 2014 people with an income of more than $11,670 were considered to be above the poverty line. Source.


The successful people in Isagenix.

0.36% of Isagenix people earned above the poverty line. 0.36% is what 7% of 5.2% looks like. That’s not very many people. And their earnings are not amazing either- on average about $15,000- $34,000.

These income figures do not take into account taxes that need to be paid, travel costs, phone bills, training, and all the other associated costs.

Some people however, will ignore all this and just look at the big earners. ‘Look’ they say, ‘ some people earn a massive amount!’

People who earn a massive amount.

Less than 1% of 5.2% earn on avearage $331,956.

This is less than 0.052% of people in the whole of Isagenix. This is NOT achievable for everyone.

Other scandals

An article by a well qualified nutritionist explains why the ingredients in the products aren’t what they seem. The article is called “How Isagenix Lies To Its Distributors And Consumers About GMOs, Preservatives, And Artificial Ingredients”

A doctor who fights against health frauds has written about the absurd health and science claims that Isagenix claim. Some of them are bizarre. Here is one quote

The claims on the Isagenix website are a mishmash of pseudoscience, myth, misrepresentation, and outright lies. For example:”  She goes through quite a few of these silly assertions that Isagenix make.

Another article here about the products and  being in the ‘business’.

I’m sure I’ll be able to add more points to this article as Isagenix infiltrates the UK. Let me know of anything you come across.

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