Ready made argument

Time and time again I have come across the same arguments from bots. Exactly the same arguments. To be frank, I’m getting sick of it. The arguments are ill thought out, illogical and extremely repetitive. It is boring and frustrating. To help people all over from suffering the same, I have provided the solution.

If you have started having a discussion with a bot and you find yourself going down the stupid argument route, send them here. You can both read this discussion, assume you both made these points and then continue with your conversation, assuming all the following points have been covered. Hopefully, the rest of your discussion can cover new ground and actually be of interest to both of you.

Bot Watcher- Offers a piece of evidence or observation based on fact about MLMs they are worried about.

Bot- How dare you criticise MLMs? You have obviously been in an MLM and lost money on it and left. You now have a grudge against MLMs.



Bot Watcher- I haven’t been in an MLM. Even if I had, it wouldn’t matter. The evidence/ fact still stands.

Bot- You can’t criticise if you haven’t been in an MLM.

Bot Watcher- So people who have been in an MLM can’t comment. People who haven’t been involved can’t comment. That just leaves the 0.5% of successful MLMers then. BOLLOCKS. Anyone can objectively look at the evidence and make their mind up. Don’t try and stop people from looking at FACTS.

Bot- You must have motives for spreading this information. You must be trying to recruit people into your scheme.

Bot Watcher- No money is being made. No one is being recruited. The motive is to spread awareness.

Bot- Stop being so closed minded and traditional in your thinking. You have been brainwashed by society into accepting a mundane unfulfilling job for poor wages that takes up all your time. Your life is dull and unfulfilled and you are still poor. MLM gives people flexibility, wealth and happiness. Look at this picture of smiling people and yachts and big houses.

Bot Watcher- I am not closed-minded, I am sceptical. This means asking for evidence to back up claims. If the evidence is there then I will change my mind about something. All the evidence points to MLMs being scams. Even income disclosure statements from MLMs state how poorly they pay. I have not seen any evidence to the contrary. Many people live fulfilled lives doing jobs they are trained for, that they enjoy, and are paid well for.

Bot- I don’t understand why you object to the top person earning loads and the people at the bottom earning a smaller amount. All companies are like this. Do you object to all companies?

Bot Watch- No, just MLMs. In normal companies there is a hierarchy where there are differing levels of responsibility, with matching pay levels. In MLM people have to recruit people under them and they are then reliant on these downlines to earn money from. The emphasis is just on getting more people in. Hardly any of these people earn any money. The owners at the top cream off all the profits. Many are billionaires.

Bot- It’s not about recruiting, it’s all about the amazing products, the social aspect and learning new skills.

Bot Watcher- The products are, without exception, over-priced and under quality. The only customer is the distributor. The social side is all fake. The skills learnt could be learnt elsewhere in a proper educational environment, or even self taught. It is always about the recruiting.

Bot- Why are you trying to put people off joining? You are ruining people’s chances of earning money. Think of the people wanting to better themselves by earning a bit of extra cash. You are affecting their income.

Bot Watcher- I am thinking of those people. Mostly women who find themselves in a difficult position and are desperate to make some money. They are being sucked into a scheme that they will never do well in and will lose money. The sooner they leave, the better.

Bot- People can do well in MLMs. The ones who fail are those that thought they could just sit and do nothing and have it handed to them on a plate. In MLM you have to work every minute of every day, sacrifice everything, put the kids in childcare, attend all meetings, go all over the country, buy all the books, ditch any friends and family that are negative, recruit anybody and everybody. Your life has to be about the MLM and nothing else. Be ruthless.

Bot Watcher points to ads from bots stating anyone can do it, it’s easy. Just 10 hours a week around your children for full time wages, car, holidays.

Bot- I have never said anything like that. I have always been completely honest.

Bot Watcher- Yes, of course you have. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Bot- We are a legitimate company, we are registered with the DSA and are registered at Companies House.

Bot Watcher- The DSA mean nothing. They are a trade organisation that have represented pyramid schemes. Anyone can register at Companies house.

Bot- You are brainwashed/ in a cult.

Bot Watcher- You joined when you were at a low point in your life when someone promised you great things if you joined them. You attend events where there is loud music, bright lights, repetition. You are deprived of normal social contact and encouraged to break contact with friends and family. You pay for things that you don’t want or need. You are controlled in what you can do, say and think. Your main purpose is to bring new people into the ‘family’ and lie to do this. You are in awe of the great leader. You have been taught how to ignore the true facts and rely on hope for the future. A future where only your new family can help you. You are dependent on them. You are afraid of leaving the group because you will be ostracized, bullied and left to fend for yourself in a world you have become afraid of. You are tired all the time because of late night training and activities you are expected to complete.



6 thoughts on “Ready made argument

  1. I am about to start working with forever in india. Plz give me a piece of helpful advice as i am starting this because my best friend suggested me to do work with forever. He is already working with this company. How could I say ‘NO’ to my friend. Plz HeLp me. Because I have to take loan of rs. 30000 to join this. Plz help🙏🙏


    1. I would recommend no one joins an MLM. I know it is hard to say no to friends. What is how a lot of them get people to join them. Your friend may really believe in it but it won’t work and you and they will lose money. If it is hard to say no, just say you want to do a bit of research first. Ask to see their figures. How much have they spent, how much has been paid back? Don’t listen to promises of further payments. Just look at the black and white income and outgoings. This is sensible and your friend shouldn’t argue against this.


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