No, Lifetree World, that is wrong.

Update-  10th March 2017. 

Lifetree World has now been liquidated, leaving many creditors. A lot of members had purchased goods and never received them, and many had bought into programs that promised more profit for them. They have all lost their money now. The only assets the company had when it was closed down was a car that still had finance on and some pretend money in a ‘Gateway’ account. This amounted to -£885 in assets and a total of £454,319 owing to everyone. Companies House have all the documents if you want to look at the details.

We won’t have heard the last of them though. Previous players in this company have gone on to form another MLM and another MLM team which moves people from MLM to MLM, ensuring a few of them will always be at the top of a pyramid somewhere. More on this in future blog posts.


Some things that LTW have done or said that may not be accurate.

Their prize cars

Every month members can pay to attend a meeting where they will be entered into a draw for a car, as long as they have spent the required amount of money in LTW by a specified date. Here is one of the prize cars.

Screenshot 2016-07-09 19.38.08

A bit of research shows there is outstanding finance on this vehicle-

Screenshot 2016-07-09 19.42.58

This means that when the car was ‘won’, it had not been paid for. It should not have been given as a prize. The winner cannot sell the car. It could be taken off them if whoever is responsible for the car debt stops paying.


LTW do not have affiliation with the DSA.

They were going through the process of application but no longer appear on the DSA’s webpage of prospective members. I am not accusing them of lying here, just that their impending membership was touted as proof they were a legitimate company.

Here is a common recruiting message used by LTW people-

Screenshot 2016-07-09 20.35.37.png

The DSA is not anything to do with the government, it is just a trade association. They have a code of ethics which members claim to adhere to. Much is made of this code and how LTW adhere to it. They obviously don’t adhere to it enough.

Here, an LTW adherent is explaining the £35 membership fee as a payment to the DSA. I wonder if there will be no fee now?

Screenshot 2016-07-09 21.14.43.png

Their ‘affiliation’ to Sky TV.

This affiliation has suddenly been announced and used as evidence that LTW is indeed a legitimate company. Surely Sky wouldn’t get involved in a dodgy company? That is what is claimed. Let’s see what LTW are saying. You could visit their ‘Sky portal page’ at SkyTvEurope . Here are the prices shown. It says at the bottom for LTW prices, you need to fill in a form and an ‘expert’ will contact you with a price. Why? Why not say what the price is?

Screenshot 2016-07-09 22.35.50.png

I had a look at Sky’s actual page and found their prices to be a bit different.

Screenshot 2016-07-09 23.11.26

Screenshot 2016-07-09 23.11.36

The movies and sports bundles with Sky are a lot cheaper than through LTW. But LTW do say that you can get a cheaper deal if you register your interest with them. So I clicked on the ‘register’ button. I got this form to complete-

Screenshot 2016-07-09 23.15.42.png

That’s a lot of personal information to be giving to someone to find out a price of a product. I looked for the privacy information to see what happens to my data. There is no privacy information. What will happen with all that data? Why do they need it to tell you their prices?

I found an LTW training video where they tell you the prices of the packages. Here they are

Screenshot 2016-07-09 23.26.26Screenshot 2016-07-09 23.26.52Screenshot 2016-07-09 23.27.14

The prices here are much cheaper than Sky! They are offered through a company called Ipik solutions, not directly through Sky as suggested by LTW people.

Who are Ipik Solutions? Their web page looks exactly like the LTW page, just with ‘Ipik Solutions’ instead of ‘skytveurope’ at the top. There are no contact details, no address. They are not registered at Companies House. Does this sound at all dodgy to anyone? The language used on this website is poor. I don’t mean rude, just badly written. Except for the bits that they have copied directly from Sky.

I have found a company called Ipik Solutions that are based in London on They say this-

About and Description

We are an independent satellite and TV aerial installer and wholesale electronic accessories expert. For more information please inbox us now!

We are an independent satellite and TV aerial installer and wholesale electronic accessories expert. For more information please inbox or call us on 03334440112 now! We are your local SKY expert offering customize services & advice on your TV, Phone & Broadband needs. We let you pick the bespoke packages & installations within your budget.”


Sounds like it could be them. They have a Facebook page too. There is an Ipik Solutions based in India but I have been unable to establish if there are any links between the two companies.

At the bottom of SkyEuropeTV’s website is this information.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 20.30.31

Apex Junction are registered at Companies House and Bilal Awan is the director. He is also the director of Sky TV Europe Ltd. They were both registered last summer. Interestingly, Bilal is in the MLM called ACN, as is Rizwan Gohar (more on him later).

And then there is this message we received from SKY.

Screenshot 2016-07-19 12.48.38.png



Their little dispute with a perfume company

LTW had a disagreement with a company called Per-Scent which ended up with LTW owing Per-Scent money. It looks like this ended in Per-Scent issuing a petition in the courts to have LTW wound down. This means that they wanted LTW to be dissolved and the money owed to them finally be paid. We know this petition was served and the case came to court.

LTW maintained that it had all been sorted out before the court date and the case would not be heard. It would be scrubbed from the Gazzette they said. Here is a FB status from one of LTW’s shills.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 22.23.32.png

It did come to court and the case WAS heard.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 22.02.25

This website explains what a winding up petition is and what happens. Interestingly, one of the things that happens once a petition is advertised is that bank accounts are frozen, meaning suppliers and employees can’t be paid.

This could possibly explain the problems experienced by some people in LTW not being paid their bonuses this month. Look at this You Tube clip at 9 minutes where a shill is explaining what she has been told.

The products

The issues with the products are covered in this post towards the end.

Essentially, LTW claim that they are making deals directly with the suppliers, cutting out all the expensive stages in between and then passing on the savings to members. A little digging revealed that their stock was all end of line stuff. You cannot purchase these products in normal shops as they have been replaced with more upto date packaging. The very basic idea behind the whole enterprise turned out to be false.


Rizwan Gohar

I have avoided commenting on this man because he seemed to be an IBO with LTW and his shady past was not directly affecting anyone. But now it seems, evidence is appearing that he may be playing a bigger part in the company than ‘just an IBO’.

His shady past involves having four convictions before being caught and sentenced to prison for stealing cars worth more than £150,000. He was caught on a ferry on the way to Ireland with one of the stolen cars. Part of this crime involved the set up of a fraudulent, fake company and using stolen credit cards. Read the Stoke Sentinel for the story.

Rizwan seems to have been in on LTW from the beginning. He was involved in setting it up. Here is evidence he set up the websites for LTW. He owns the websites.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 12.57.18.png


Disgruntled LTW members have been emailing LTW and complaining about the company. Rizwan Gohar has been replying to these people.


Screenshot 2016-07-15 15.29.26.png


Rizwan has been the subject of a bankruptcy order in relation to a failed business he was a director of.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 15.41.59.png

Here are some companies he has been involved in by holding an officership. All these companies have been dissolved.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 20.06.03.png

Should Rizwan really be holding such a position of responsibility and LTW lying about his role in the whole scheme? Would you trust him with your details? Would you give money to a company he is involved in?


Please think carefully before getting involved in LTW. As they say in MLM, do your due dilligence. But don’t then ignore what you find.

19 thoughts on “No, Lifetree World, that is wrong.

  1. No disagreement with any of your findings there.

    What really surprised me was to find Dave Ives involved and he has had success in MLM elsewhere.

    He appears to be fronting up a lot of the videos and training now.

    His YouTube channel though only has 26 subscribers for LTW where has he has been doing these Google Hangouts.

    What do we know about Turan, who is in India and appears to be looking after logistics in the UK?


    1. Hi All, appreciate the public platform where we can express our views and beliefs. I have read the whole content throughout this page and wanted to take a moment to give the conversation a weighted response, as that would only be fair to do so.

      I, along with the thousands of other Independent Business Owners, registered to build a business a few short months ago. At the time, I had been in communication with a number of billion $ companies who clearly were extremely well polished and had all their processes in place. My view was LTW had much to address but had a foundation of opportunity that could be polished and influence by those in the field.

      When I saw LTW – it conceptually had the basis of something unique and refreshing for the home based industry. So I had reflected as to where I should invest my effort something already established or something in its infancy.

      So, clearly my decision was to get involved with a UK business – I saw there were aspects that clearly needed addressing and we as a team started building our community hoping we could influence and have a say in the direction of the company from the fields perspective, as I am not corporate, which I trust is abundantly clear. So, the reference that the team and I are up to our necks with LTW is an incorrect perception, but appreciates the individuals view, though now has been corrected.

      We, as a team have experienced many frustrations and disappointments along with many others – though that said, the team, if you asked each and everyone of them, knew it was the vision of the opportunity down the road that we as a community are building towards. Through our community we provide, training, support and much more. LTW doesn’t and all of our recordings both audio and visual can be found on our team website which is where the community go to – not our youtube channel which is a new resource, we don’t promote for others to subscribe to it.

      Many of the findings that have come to light within this page and creating concerns and rightly so are brought to our attention at the same time as you. We are not pleased with these, though that said, look at any of the major players in this market space, they, at some stage, in their evolution, faced trials and tribulations. I’m not condoning it, merely highlighting the fact, most companies that exist today are not in the format when the opened their doors.

      The tide of change within the company is being addressed and it needs some time to get its house in order. What we have to be extremely carefully of is tarnishing everyone who is involved with the company. The thousands at one point saw something that attracted them to commence in a business of their own. Clearly there have been issues and The Company is learning and moving forward, our feedback as experienced Network Marketing Professionals is valued and implemented.

      We, as many are wanting them to produce what we saw as an opportunity for many, though recognise, during the trials and tribulations many become unsettled, that is totally understandable and require reassurance to regain trust and confidence within the field. We as a community, a team, are doing our best to see what happens next and as to how the company addresses many of the points laboured on by many of you.

      So be reassured, we are now aware of the facts, we are independent owners and are free to move forward in the hope that the company will deliver on the changes that must happen or choose to decide this is not where they feel comfortable at this time. An individual’s decision should be respected and wished the very best in whichever direction they choose to follow.

      Your comments are appreciated and trust you will do what you feel is right for you and your families.

      Well wishes to all.



      1. So what you are saying is- ‘there are problems and we are hoping they will get better.’ A lot of people are pinning their hopes and gambling their money on the hope that it will be ok. It is not OK. There are serious problems. There is not much right about LTW.

        People investing in this are taking a big risk. Some people can’t afford this risk. They are promised easy money but it isn’t happening.


  2. Guys, I am like every other Independent Business Owner, I paid my registration and started building a team. The videos you are referring to, are training videos for our team not produced for the company. I am not corporate . I saw this opportunity a couple of months back and saw they had a conceptually exciting proposition, though saw a few areas that needed addressing.

    So, like many others in the field, we as a team have felt the frustration and dissappointment through our early experiences of building our businesses and continue to do so. The team, that have come together, is more about the community that we are building and that we saw LTW as a lump of coal and an opportunity to build and influence the company in addressing and developing, into what we saw it can and could be.

    Like thousands of others we have been disappointed with deliveries and product choice, that said if we reflect on some of the giants in the industry, who have been around for a number of decades, they today, have moved away from how they started out . So thats where we saw the opportunity to drive the influence of change . Much that has appeared within this page – has come to light to us as well, as it has to many of you .

    There is a major transitional change with corporate and processes being put in place, that, as a independent business owner we are hoping to see the tides of change . I personally totally feel for everyone and there are issues that clearly need to be addressed by the company – I also understand the pain of change is not for everyone and that’s also respected .

    So I just like to clarify and confirm that I am a distributor building our team – and we also desire the changes that need to happen to bring some positivity back to the market place. I wish you all well and appreciate the opportunity to clarify by position .



    1. Hi Dave,

      Let me just firstly say its nice to see someone commenting in a fair and open way with no judgement or nastiness. That’s the first time I have seen it (even my family can’t remain open to discussion in a positive way over LTW!)

      What is your opinion of the misleading way that this is advertised then? Do you make people aware when you sign them up that there are teething problems and that you may not get your shopping? Because to me, personally, if I was trying to be a part of something with such issues I couldn’t in good conscience promote it to others until those problems had been fixed and all the people currently who had not received their shopping has been refunded. Until I knew that was the case I couldn’t promote it.

      What do you about those who have their comments deleted if they say anything “negative”? There are people who have been upset that they haven’t received their shopping, haven’t received their commissions but instead of team leaders or others helping these people instead comments are deleted. If I was a team leader I could not just delete these comments and ignore them.

      I think these are the reasons there has been such backlash to LTW. It isn’t necessarily because its an MLM, its because of the very nature of how people are treated if they are wronged. They are dismissed and silenced. However, a lot of people are fighting back and won’t be silenced. They don’t want others to fall into the trap they did – of losing money, of being treated unfairly. There are a LOT of these people. All I see in response of these people are that they are either “jealous” or “haterz” or “negative” and need to be ignored. How would you feel if you were treated that way?

      On top of the treatment of people, there is a lot of misleading going on as well in terms of promotion/products. For example if we look at the Sky fiasco. If they had been open at the beginning that they were a third party company/affiliate (which practically anyone can do if you want to promote Sky) instead of making out they had signed some huge deal with Sky – then people may not be so up in arms about it. If you are a third party company you need to state it quite clearly to your Customers. You need to state it where people will read it too.

      So to conclude before I ramble on too much…what needs to happen is there needs to be less dodginess and more HONESTY and EMPATHY. I don’t see any empathy to those who have been caught up in the poor customer service. And I get companies have teething problems but NOT on the scale that LTW have.

      I still think though you would be better off doing your own thing with your team away from a company that quite clearly is acting in very dodgy ways and probably does NOT have any of your best interests at heart.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. David Ives you are in denial to what LTW is. The idea behind it is appealing but its execution has been scandalous. The products are old stock, the hampers are a rip off but the worse is that the selling of LTW as a business opportunity pushes it to a pyramid scheme. LTW relies on its own IBOs to survive not on outside customers. That is pyramid selling.


  4. Sorry the 20% shopping off is completely a different business which I have joined. It is shopping in existing stores and getting cashback uploading receipts

    I have done ltw but it didn’t personally work for me. so looked for other opportunities and thankfully doing two businesses that can make me money.


  5. Apparently ltw guys are upto something new now! the former ceo and the cmo are now involved with another company which was earlier selling their products via ltw. its called eveda. its the same disgusting juice thing that they would sell. also the ceo and the cmo do not have a valid permit to live and work in the uk. i checked and i m sure that they will be up to their tricks shortly.


  6. One more you need to look out for is the rebirth of FlexLom as Weeconomy.
    A number LTW people are there too along with some former Banner Brokers people.
    I got approached to join in October 2016, but having been part of the team that successfully stopped FlexKom and revealed their lies, there was no chance, I would sign up.
    The wild claims have started again, and I am keeping a watching brief.
    It is another CashBack model scheme.


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