You are not an Independent Business Owner!

If you are in Multilevel marketing, please stop claiming you are an ‘Independent Business Owner.’


“adjective- Free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority: an independent nuclear deterrent. The study is totally independent of central government ”

The above definition is from The Oxford English Dictionary.


Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you set your own terms and conditions?
  • Can you change suppliers?
  • Can you change the policies?
  • Do you have any say in your activities, over and above what hours you work or the prices you sell at?
  • What are you independent from? Apart from employee rights and wages.




 “noun.   (SELLING) the activity of buying and selling goods and services:

My brother’s in business.

He’s in the frozen food business.

Our firm does a lot of business with overseas customers.”

This definition is from The Cambridge English Dictionary.
A question to ask yourself
  • How much product do you actually sell to people?


There are other definitions of business. One means ‘excrement’ and another is the name given to a group of ferrets. Maybe you own one of these?



1.A party that possesses the exclusive right to hold, use, benefit-from, enjoy, convey, transfer, and otherwise dispose of an asset or property.

This definition is from The Business Dictionary.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Can you sell your business?
  • Can you transfer your business to someone else?




So what are you?

You work for a large corporation, probably based in America, headed by some very rich people.

You pay to work for this corporation.

You are bound by a lot of very restrictive rules.

You can be terminated by the corporation.

You try to bring more people to the corporation so they can pay to work for them.

You are not paid for your time or skills.

You are not paid the minimum wage. You may not be paid at all.

You are not an employee. You have no employee rights.

You are the customer.

You are a victim in a very clever scheme devised to extract money from you.

9 thoughts on “You are not an Independent Business Owner!

  1. Ha…I went to one of their little seminars last night and I was thinking the same thing. How can I be an IBO if im working for LTW?


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