Multi Level Marketing journey through memes



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Footnote- A little word on the quotes that are attributed to well known people. They didn’t say them and did not demonstrate any support for Multi Level Marketing schemes!

Screenshot 2016-05-13 20.32.29

This quote is everywhere but I haven’t been able to find any evidence for it. Some people say the quote was originally from Trump. I have been unable to find evidence of that either.  I know it is impossible to prove something wasn’t said but we will have to assume it wasn’t, until proof can be given that he did say it.

Screenshot 2016-05-13 20.16.05

Richard Branson says this on his website. He has been associated with MLMs and even has one himself called Virgin Vie at Home. Clever man, he knows there is money to be made in owning an MLM. I would have to argue that this quote is not applicable to MLMs as it is most certainly not an ‘amazing opportunity’.


Screenshot 2016-05-13 21.05.06

I cannot find any evidence that this quote was made by Bill Gates. It is requoted all over the place. A discussion on Wikiquotes couldn’t find any evidence and they pointed out that the phrase goes against a lot of what he DID say and what he believes in.



Screenshot 2016-05-16 13.55.28

This link investigates quotes and their origins. They discovered the quote comes from a person claiming he got his information from aliens by trance-channeling. He attributed the quote to aliens, it later became attributed to Einstein for some reason. The quote seems to be backing up Attraction Theory which is why MLM supporters seem to be using it.

3 thoughts on “Multi Level Marketing journey through memes

  1. These famous people who are accredited with saying those quotes. What evidence do we have that they DID say them? For example, there is nothing to stop Bill Gates starting up his own MLM at any time he wants. However, Bill Gates is actually a talented individual so he would never need to stoop so low as to start a scamming MLM company where at least 99% of members who join will lose money. So, BotWatch, can you find out if he actually DID say that? (if you’ve got a minute, that is 😉 ).


  2. No, Bill Gates didn’t say that. When you look into most of these memes you find there is no evidence they said it at all. I’ll edit this post later to address that issue, thanks.


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