Excellent opportunity not to be missed.

Job Description

This position doesn’t have a wage as such. You will be paid commission on the things that you buy from us. This will be a very small amount and the products are things that you probably don’t need.

You will earn a small amount of money from the people that you recruit into the scheme, maybe you will have thousands in your team very soon and then all the little amounts of money will add up. You might not get thousands of people under you.

You can earn a bonus for recruiting people under you in the scheme. This might not be actual money though.  It will be some sort of points system and you’ll feel like you are doing really well because you are collecting these points.

If you collect a lot of points by making my business thousands and thousands of pounds, we might give you a bonus of maybe a few hundred pounds. To continue getting this bonus, you will have to continue bringing in people and buying our products that you don’t need. And making my business thousands and thousands of pounds.

You will be expected to put in every spare hour that you have. And hours that aren’t spare. You can work while eating your dinner, you can sacrifice some sleep, you can turn social events into work.

You will be expected to attend mind control sessions where your mindset will be changed. You will be taught how to think like you are doing well and how to give up everything for the potential of future rewards. Who needs spare time, wages, friends, critical faculties when you can enjoy the thought that maybe you will make it big one day with us?

Person Specification

You need to be able to open your mind to the extent that it becomes so closed that you will only believe things we tell you.

You will have the determination and desperation to do anything we tell you to do, it really helps here if you can let go of any inconvenient morals. Morals like truth telling, trust, being law abiding, not taking advantage of people.

It is desirable, although not essential, that you are highly educated or in a respectable position.  This will lend believability to you and you can use your professional skills and contacts and position of trust to lure more people into the scheme.

It would really help if you had money.  Either savings, equity, a trust fund, maybe a good job.  You could really rise up the scheme quickly if you can buy more products from us and earn lots of points. Also, you could pretend to people you made your money through our scheme.They will be queueing out the door to join you.  If you do not have money, this can be overcome by just pretending that you do.

You have to have access to the internet. If you don’t, you can forget this job now.

Being able to drive helps as you will be traveling all over the place to deliver stock, go to trainings, making You Tube films in your car. If you are traveling on the bus people won’t believe you when you tell them you are earning a multiple six figure income.

You will be a positive person. You will believe, or be willing to train to believe, in the Law of Attraction. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about how the universe works and make you realise how everything is your fault.

You need to have a huge dream. Imagine that dream. Imagine it until you cry. Your dream will come true with us. Only if you do everything properly though. If you leave or do not succeed or do not put enough time in, you obviously don’t want your dream enough. Anyone who tries to tell you this isn’t legitimate, is a dream-stealer. Lose them.



This isn’t a pyramid scheme. We know this because it is possible for the person below you to earn more money than you. Enough said.

If you are accepted into this position and you subsequently fail, it is your fault. If the people under you fail, it is your fault. Everything is your fault.

It is all your fault.

If you can breathe, you will be accepted into this position.

If you somehow, unbelievably decide to leave and forgo the amazing potential future rewards, we will cast you out. You will be nothing to us. We reserve the right to bully you and think of you as a loser.

It is not our fault if you leave and find yourself in debt and friendless and with a garage full of products you don’t want. You joined us of your own free will, it is your fault.


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