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You may have heard of Lifetree World. Maybe you’ve been sent a message from a friend-

Screenshot 2016-04-13 13.40.24

Screenshot 2016-04-13 13.40.55

Maybe you’ve seen adverts like this on Instagram or Facebook?


Maybe you’ve been browsing Netmums or Money Saving Expert and read about people in an amazing scheme?

From Netmums’ board-

Screenshot 2016-04-14 22.44.36

As of July 2016, this Netmums thread no longer exists. Hopefully, it is because they are clamping down on the promotion of schemes like these.

This all sounds very intriguing. So you go to the Lifetree website and see things like this-

Screenshot 2016-04-13 14.08.05

Screenshot 2016-04-13 14.08.46


‘Daily use products’? They want everyone in the world to be a member? This is starting to sound a bit odd!

Reading about the scheme, you learn that LTW aim to buy products with long shelf lives direct from the manufacturer and sell them to you (now known as the IBO- Independent  Business Owner) within 3-5 days. The profit made by cutting out the middlemen is shared between the IBOs. Ok, that sounds interesting.

As of July 2016, the website has been stripped of most of the information. There appears to just be the address and the most basic information on some products they sell. No description of how the business works, no policies, just an address and pictures of smiley people in fields.

But then you learn that you have to spend 100 points (which is roughly £160) a month and so do the three people  beneath you and at least one person beneath each of them. Hang on? This sounds a bit  Pyramidy!!!! No, not at all, you are told. LTW are in the DSA so it must be legitimate! Pyramids are illegal, don’t you know?

The DSA has this to say about their membership.

Screenshot 2016-04-13 14.26.06

Screenshot 2016-04-13 14.26.24

So they are not full members yet. They are being watched to check they are compliant with their rules. They are not being compliant. The recruitment adverts break their rules.

As of July 2016 LTW are no longer prospective members of the DSA.

Here is a great explanation on how these types of schemes work. Much thanks to Chuckingstones on Mumsnet for this-

Screenshot 2016-04-14 21.04.04

Screenshot 2016-04-14 21.04.10

Let’s see if it is a pyramid scheme. A basic test for pyramid schemes is the Fair Trading Act 1973 section 120 (3)- This act makes it a criminal offence to persuade someone to make a payment to a scheme by promising benefits from getting other people to join a trading scheme.

You have to make an payment of £35 to join.

You have to recruit others.

You tell the people you are recruiting that if they pay £35 they can join your scheme but they will only earn money if they recruit others.

Hmmm, I wonder if this is a pyramid scheme, you decide for yourself.


What about the company finances and business plans? What do the records from Company House have to say about that? Much thanks to Tiimeless Vie for providing this information ( Blog, Facebook). Here is a little summary of what they say-

Screenshot 2016-04-14 23.30.23

What have LTW members been saying? For now, let’s not listen to the successful people just in case they are exaggerating to recruit new people.

This was on Netmums-

Screenshot 2016-04-14 22.36.14

And from a different person-

Screenshot 2016-04-13 20.02.33

This is what people have been saying to Bot Watch on Facebook in messages-

Screenshot 2016-04-13 19.36.45

Screenshot 2016-04-13 19.46.43

Screenshot 2016-04-13 12.33.43

Screenshot 2016-04-13 12.43.45


Bot Watch was also told that an LTW seller was seeking recruits on Money Saving Expert where people go for debt advice and who can ill afford to get involved in this sort of scheme.

Money Saving Expert delete any thread promoting this scheme as a way to save money.

Screenshot 2016-04-14 20.53.11

Screenshot 2016-04-14 22.32.40

(name deleted by me to maintain confidentiality)

Screenshot 2016-04-14 22.33.03

Screenshot 2016-04-14 22.33.13

If you decide you think it might not be a pyramid scheme and maybe those people just had bad luck,let’s look at the products and see what you will be buying. Oh, you cannot see the prices for the items until you have joined up and paid your £35. That doesn’t sound fair. You don’t know what you are letting yourself in for! They said the products are all branded and that I use anyway so it must be ok.

Here is an example of something you can buy

Screenshot 2016-04-14 23.43.08.png

Hmmm, not really a branded, every day product. And the claims here break the law for advertising rules. Aloe vera does not do any of these things. No one is allowed to say their products do this. This can be reported to the Advertising Standards Authority.


How much does it cost? You can’t find out until you join up and pay your £35.

That’s ok though, someone who is a member has sent me some images showing the prices of some items.

Screenshot 2016-04-14 22.39.02

It’s not too clear so here are the prices and how much these products cost according to Mysupermarket-

Tropical Sun Jamaican Callaloo 540g £1.29  ASDA-£1.28.

PG Tips tea bags 160s £2.99        Unavailable in supermarkets in this form. Newer packaging for the same product costs £4 in ASDA.

Nescafe Original 100g £2.80    Unavailable in supermarkets in this form. For the same product in different packaging, it costs £2.74 in ASDA.

Kellog’s Fruit and Fibre 375g £2.19   Unavailable in supermarkets anywhere in any packaging.

Kellog’s Co-Co Pops 350g £2.19  Unavailable in supermarkets anywhere in any packaging.

Kellog’s Cornflakes 500g £2.10 Available in ASDA for £1.75 but in newer packaging.

Weetabix family 24s £2.10- Unavailable in supermarkets anywhere.

I don’t think I need to go on. Look up the rest if you like, but I suspect I know the answer…


To conclude-

The company might be a pyramid scheme.

They recruit people who have debt problems.

People have complained about not getting their money back.

People have complained about not getting their orders.

The credit status of LTW is very poor.

The business sounds unrealistic.

They claim to buy products from the manufacturer. In reality they are buying up old, presumably very cheap stock from somewhere.


Do you still want to join up? If you do, you might want to jot down this number for if it all goes wrong-

Screenshot 2016-04-14 23.36.41

If you have joined this scheme and they are not delivering your products or giving you a refund or you are concerned about it, please call the above number. They will pass on the details to Trading Standards who will investigate.

To read more about this type of thing or to keep yourself informed about Multi Level Marketing schemes, visit Mumsnet for the ongoing discussion and support. Or Like Bot Watch and Timeless Vie on Facebook for people’s stories and information.

Lifetree World

Excellent opportunity not to be missed.

Job Description

This position doesn’t have a wage as such. You will be paid commission on the things that you buy from us. This will be a very small amount and the products are things that you probably don’t need.

You will earn a small amount of money from the people that you recruit into the scheme, maybe you will have thousands in your team very soon and then all the little amounts of money will add up. You might not get thousands of people under you.

You can earn a bonus for recruiting people under you in the scheme. This might not be actual money though.  It will be some sort of points system and you’ll feel like you are doing really well because you are collecting these points.

If you collect a lot of points by making my business thousands and thousands of pounds, we might give you a bonus of maybe a few hundred pounds. To continue getting this bonus, you will have to continue bringing in people and buying our products that you don’t need. And making my business thousands and thousands of pounds.

You will be expected to put in every spare hour that you have. And hours that aren’t spare. You can work while eating your dinner, you can sacrifice some sleep, you can turn social events into work.

You will be expected to attend mind control sessions where your mindset will be changed. You will be taught how to think like you are doing well and how to give up everything for the potential of future rewards. Who needs spare time, wages, friends, critical faculties when you can enjoy the thought that maybe you will make it big one day with us?

Person Specification

You need to be able to open your mind to the extent that it becomes so closed that you will only believe things we tell you.

You will have the determination and desperation to do anything we tell you to do, it really helps here if you can let go of any inconvenient morals. Morals like truth telling, trust, being law abiding, not taking advantage of people.

It is desirable, although not essential, that you are highly educated or in a respectable position.  This will lend believability to you and you can use your professional skills and contacts and position of trust to lure more people into the scheme.

It would really help if you had money.  Either savings, equity, a trust fund, maybe a good job.  You could really rise up the scheme quickly if you can buy more products from us and earn lots of points. Also, you could pretend to people you made your money through our scheme.They will be queueing out the door to join you.  If you do not have money, this can be overcome by just pretending that you do.

You have to have access to the internet. If you don’t, you can forget this job now.

Being able to drive helps as you will be traveling all over the place to deliver stock, go to trainings, making You Tube films in your car. If you are traveling on the bus people won’t believe you when you tell them you are earning a multiple six figure income.

You will be a positive person. You will believe, or be willing to train to believe, in the Law of Attraction. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about how the universe works and make you realise how everything is your fault.

You need to have a huge dream. Imagine that dream. Imagine it until you cry. Your dream will come true with us. Only if you do everything properly though. If you leave or do not succeed or do not put enough time in, you obviously don’t want your dream enough. Anyone who tries to tell you this isn’t legitimate, is a dream-stealer. Lose them.



This isn’t a pyramid scheme. We know this because it is possible for the person below you to earn more money than you. Enough said.

If you are accepted into this position and you subsequently fail, it is your fault. If the people under you fail, it is your fault. Everything is your fault.

It is all your fault.

If you can breathe, you will be accepted into this position.

If you somehow, unbelievably decide to leave and forgo the amazing potential future rewards, we will cast you out. You will be nothing to us. We reserve the right to bully you and think of you as a loser.

It is not our fault if you leave and find yourself in debt and friendless and with a garage full of products you don’t want. You joined us of your own free will, it is your fault.


Screenshot 2016-04-12 23.15.45

Excellent opportunity not to be missed.

Just launched with Jamberry? Wanna know how much u will earn? READ THIS.

Some shocking number crunching done here by Timeless Vie. I hope this gets people thinking.

timeless vie

In honour of the UK launch of Jamberry today, we put together this little post showing how much a Bot is likely to earn in a year.

Did you know that in Canada, MLMs have to fess up about how much a “typical participant” i.e. your ordinary, average Bot – is likely to earn?

Unfortunately the UK doesn’t seem to have the same concern about it’s citizens, but here’s what we did to give you a rough idea.

We took the Jamberry Comp Plan for Canada – (hard to find, TBH.  We’re sure that’s not deliberate…)

Jamberry Comp Plan

Pulled out the “Typical Participant’s Earnings” statement:


Here’s the actual numbers in more detail:


Then we threw the numbers into a currency converter run by the Bank of Canada:


So, the lowest typical earnings is £19.34 a year.   Wahoo!  we be rich huns.  Well, in the 15th century, maybe.


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Just launched with Jamberry? Wanna know how much u will earn? READ THIS.